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9 K-Pop Friendships That Show Womance Beats Bromance

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You may all be familiar with the "bromance" in K-pop, but are you as aware of the "womance?" Womance in K-pop are just as strong, if not more than bromance. From meeting for the first time in a variety show to knowing each other since before debut, many female idols have formed special bonds and friendships. We've created a list of female idols who are known for their friendships, despite being in different groups, and for many, different agencies.  So check out this list, complete with some clips of adorable/funny/touching moments, and tell us: Which couple has the most womantic chemistry?

Girl's Day's Hyeri & T-ara's Jiyeon
혜리 지연2Hyeri and Jiyeon, who had MCed together for SBS MTV's music show "The Show," are well known to be close friends. Hyeri revealed in an interview that she is extremely close to Jiyeon, and that Jiyeon is very good to her. Having the same blood type and birthdays only two days apart, Hyeri says their personalities really click. When Hyeri decided to step down as an MC from "The Show" to focus on acting,  Jiyeon cried along with Hyeri during her goodbye speech. Check out the clip:

f(x)'s Amber & 4Minute's HyunA
amber 현아2HyunA and Amber have got to be one of the best looking womantic couples. Although both HyunA and Amber are known to have a number of other idol friends in the industry, the two certainly seem to have a special friendship, as they often pose together in pictures and upload them on Instagram. hyuna amber And here is HyunA looking at Amber with so much affection ♥

hyuna amber1

Girl's Day's Minah & A Pink's Eunji
mina eunji1 The two girl groups, A Pink and Girl's Day, are often considered rival groups. Naturally, the two main vocals of the groups, Eunji and Minah, have also been often pitted against each other. Many fans think they look extremely alike, and they indeed have many similarities such as their famous eye-smiles, outgoing personalities, and being the same age. Despite this rivalry set-up by others, the two were revealed to be good friends. They are so adorable in this cheek-to-cheek selfie!

eunji mina

4Minute's Sohyun & KARA's Youngji
sohyun youngji

Although there isn't a solid "proof" that they are close friends, I'm sure these two maknaes have been getting close recently. Sohyun and Youngji debuted at different times through different groups but ended up working together through "Hyungdon and Daejun's Hit Maker" and being active as Chamsonyeo members. Also, both of them were born on August 30, 1994! They are just meant to be.

miss A's Min & Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon
min hyoyeonMin and Hyoyeon, the unexpected combo, have known each other for a long time as they attended the same dance school before debut. Having met each other at an early age, the two have been close friends since. hyoyeon minMin and Hyoyeon are often seen hanging out together and appearing at same events such as birthday parties and concerts. Check out this clip of them dancing together in a competition with the team name Little Winners:

Ha:tfelt & Sunmi
sunmi yeeun Although the two are no longer in the same group, Ha:tfelt and Sunmi have been shown that they maintained their friendship together by appearing in various public events and hanging out together. Going to fashion shows and appearing on TV shows as part of a celebrity audience, the two seem to have gotten even closer recently. Ha:tfelt also revealed through an interview that Sunmi often asks her for advice on various topics. Ha:tfelt also referred to Sunmi as "one of the closest people" to her in JYP.

sunmi yeeun1

Yewon & SISTAR's Bora
bora yewon2Yewon and Bora developed their friendship through the  TV show "Invincible Youth Season 2." As the show involved spending a lot of time together, the two became close very quickly through some bickering and teasing (like an old couple). Having the same (Korean) age, Yewon and Bora revealed through a radio show that they still talk to each other often and meet up even though the show ended. Check out the two having a friendly(?) pillow fight here:

IU & f(x)'s Sulli
IU sulli2

Dedicating a song to one's significant other is pretty romantic. So it was pretty womantic of IU to reveal that her song "Peach" was written for none other than Sulli. Considering that "Peach" is a love song, you'll realize how much IU adores Sulli just by reading its sweet lyrics. The "person" in the song is described as "beautiful" and "pure white." The singer expresses that the "person" makes her "go crazy when [she] smiles" and makes her "heart flutter just by seeing [her]." Moreover, IU revealed that, if she was to be born again, she wants to be Sulli, and considers her as one of the prettiest celebrities in Korea.

Sulli IU 4

SISAR's Soyu & 4 Minute's Gayoon
soyu gayoonSoyu and Gayoon have been close friends since their days as trainees. It was also revealed that Gayoon and Soyu were originally set to debut as a group similar to Davichi. Although it didn't work out, I hope they collaborate one day! gayoon soyu Get a glimpse of their friendship through this clip, as Gayoon genuinely congratulates Soyu for getting first place (and Soyu unexpected drags Gayoon to sing the encore together).

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