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Lee Byung Hun's Blackmailer Lee Ji Yeon Claims She Has Chronic Illness, Requests for Bail

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Lee Byung Hun's blackmailers Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM member Dahee's trial continues with the prosecutors demanding a three year sentence for both of them at the latest hearing. On March 5, the first court of appeals took place for Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee. Previously in January, the two received a sentence of a year and a 14 months, respectively. Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee's lawyer supported the defendants by saying, "Lee Byung Hun has voiced that he does not want the defendants punished. His proposal is basically like an agreement between the two parties," adding, "please consider how young the defendants are and how truly regretful they are of their actions." Lee Ji Yeon also requested a bail due to a chronic illness, as she said at the trial, "I'm very sorry to the victim and his family. I am truly regretting what I've done. I have a chronic illness, so I have been getting treated for it. It would be difficult to continue treatment in prison." The prosecutors demanded a three year sentence for both at the latest trial, saying, "The defendants precisely planned the blackmailing. Also, despite their letters of apology, they continue to be inaccurate with the actual crime so we cannot be sure they're being genuine. They need longer sentences." Lee Byung Hun submitted a request for favorable arrangements last month for the two defendants with a statement. His representative announced, "Lee Byung Hun himself is regretful of his actions as a public figure, and he has requested for a favorable hearing for the defendants." The final trial for the appeal will take place on March 26.

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