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Victim of Alleged Sexual Assault by Zest Member Is Also an Idol

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On March 6, a report was released that a rookie idol group member, referred to as "B," is facing a lawsuit for sexually assaulting a woman. The woman who filed claims, referred to as plaintiff "A," turned out to be an idol group member also. The agency of "B," who is a member of idol group ZEST, claimed that "A" spread wrong rumors about "B" through her SNS and is threatening the agency. The agency revealed that they are also filing a lawsuit for her false claims since they have evidence against her. About the agency's decision, plaintiff "A" shared that she never threatened the agency. During an interview with YTN news, "A" revealed that she was also an idol group member, and that she was not the one who wrote on SNS about the sexual assault. "A" also shared that "B's" agency only filed a petition and not a lawsuit, and is making her seem like a liar. Meanwhile, the agency of "B" is complaining that, although they had planned to make a comeback this April, and had a full schedule including plans to go to Japan, all plans were canceled due to the false rumor. They also mentioned that plaintiff "A" is a member of an idol group that is no longer active. source (1)(2)(3)

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