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Lee Tae Im Apologizes to Yewon for Her Outburst

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Lee Tae Im, who recently became caught up in controversy after exploding in a temper at Yewon while filming “Tutoring Across Generations,” has offered an official apology to Yewon.

Released via the actress’s agency, Onion Management Group, on March 5, the statement starts off, “First, I would like to apologize,” after which Lee Tae Im explains what happened. “At the time, late in the afternoon on February 24, in the middle of filming an underwater scene with Lee Jae Hoon on Jeju Island, it got a bit too cold, so I came out.”

She says that it’s true that Yewon spoke to her first, after she had warmed up a bit. “However, as we were meeting for the first time, I didn’t hear what she said to me as friendly words of concern. I sincerely apologize for hurting Yewon, and I deeply regret not being able to control my emotions at the time, ultimately saying something I shouldn’t have.”

Lee Tae Im continues, “I’ve read the rumors going around, and I swear, what I said is not as bad as everyone is saying.” She says she still thinks that what Yewon said at the time was more informal than the situation warranted, but also acknowledges that she overreacted. “[Yewon] was just speaking out of concern, but with everything that was going on, I just didn’t see it that way,” she says, and apologizes again.

Wrapping up, the actress expresses her sincere apology to the staff and cast of “Tutoring Across Generations,” as well as her best wishes for Yewon’s future activities.

Additionally, in another statement, Lee Tae Im’s agency states that the actress was having a hard time with various issues like the media always spotlighting her body from variety programs, and the ensuing malicious comments, as well as the early ending of her drama “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle.” According to the statement, Lee Tae Im began to experience severe insomnia, requiring in-patient treatment from February 26 through March 3, at which time she checked out to wrap up filming for the drama.

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