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Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Project

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This week's Fan Friday is a spotlight on an ongoing fan project created to congratulate B1A4 on their 4th anniversary. After hearing about all the great projects that Korean fans do for anniversaries and birthdays, one fan decided that rather than trying to navigate the world of Daum cafe's and exclusive fan pages to find an anniversary project to join, she'd rather create one herself. Heidi, a dedicated BANA in the US, wanted to do something special for the 4th anniversary of her ultimate bias group. Being an avid music lover, she thought putting together an original song for B1A4, sung by fans all around the world, would be both special and memorable for B1A4. Reaching out to a few of her fellow B1A4 fans, it turns out that everyone was delighted by the idea, her fellow BANA Monica helping write the song, and soon her project was not just a one-woman show. Today - just 2 months after the initial idea - the project is in full swing with more than 40 international fan clubs participating and entries coming in from over 70 countries. Participants can now record themselves singing, film themselves dancing to the song, and leave a personal message for the members to be included in an official book - all of which will be hand-delivered to WM Entertainment next month. With all of the passionate participation, a new B1A4 fan group has also been created - BANA International United - to handle future international events for B1A4. Would you like to participate in the project? All of the information is on the project's website (available in multiple languages!) and includes links to the song, a dance tutorial video if you'd like to submit a video of dancing, links to submit audio, video, and written messages to B1A4.  You can also help support the effort by purchasing a commemorative book and DVD of the project! If you aren't a B1A4 fan - I hope this major project inspires you to create or join more international fan projects for your favorite group/singer/actor! International fans might not have the luxury of going to every music program/concert/fan-meeting but we can still make our biases feel special and loved by fans across the globe through concerted efforts to join hands and create unique projects! Go us! B1A4-lets-fly* Project admins pictured at top include: US BANA, Anywhere with B1A4, B1A4 Peru, Let's Fly B1A4 Brazil, Aviate B1A4, Let's Fly B1A4 Argentina, B1A4 Australia, MYB1A4, FlyB1A4, B1A4 BANA Turkey, B1A4 Chile, B1A4 Hong Kong, B1A4 Facts, Official B1A4, B1A4 Hungry, B1A4 Philippines, BANAs NZ, B1ADDICT Chile, B1A4 Turkey Team, BANA Bolivia,  B1A4 Thailand, B1A4 Couple and Candlelight*SANDEULHK. 

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