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Lee Soo Kyung Sheds Tears While Apologizing for Attitude Controversy During "Hogu's Love" Press Conference

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Actress Lee Soo Kyung of "Hogu's Love" shed tears of apology after her attitude controversy last month. On March 3, there was an open set press conference, where actors UEE, Choi Woo Shik, Im Seul Ong, Lee Soo Kyung, and director Pyo Min Soo attended. A month after the controversy, Lee Soo Kyung was asked about the incident, and at the question, she shed tears while saying, "First of all, I'm sorry. I was very nervous at the time. I was thinking that I wanted to do well without mistakes and that I should communicate the fun atmosphere on set and I think that was misunderstood. I'm sorry." She added, "I'm very sorry to the directors, Uee, Woo Shik and Seul Ong, and I'm thankful for the words that they said to me afterwards. I will try not to make mistakes from now on and I will become a better person." hogu Director Pyo Min Soo also shared some kind words towards her, saying, "I ask that you consider the cause and reason for her behaviour and watch her warmly. I think the important part is changing and growing into a great actress." Choi Woo Shik also spoke, but focused on comforting Lee Soo Kyung, saying, "When we first met and did the script reading, I was so surprised at how good she was. She was so good I even asked her where she learned to act." He also mentioned that he didn't think what Lee Soo Kyung said was a problem. He said, "My character's name is Hogu, and all she did was call me that. But I think this entire experience will be good for Soo Kyung." UEE also offered her apologies. She said, "I'm also very sorry. As the older, I should have done better first." She also clarified, "The atmosphere on set is really great. We're very close. But I'm sorry that we acted like that at such an important place." hogu2 Meanwhile, "Hogu's Love" is a airs every Monday and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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