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INFINITE H’s Dongwoo and Hoya Are Youthful and Fun for bnt International

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INFINITE H, comprised of Dongwoo and Hoya, have been featured in a pictorial and interview for bnt International. For the pictorial, Dongwoo and Hoya go for an innocent and youthful look. Dongwoo wears a checkered shirt and pants and white jacket while Hoya is styled in patterned shorts and a red sweatshirt. In another set of shots, the boys are styled in jeans, striped and checkered shirts, jackets, and sneakers. They also try a more sophisticated concept. Hoya wears a black suit with modern lines while Dongwoo wears a black leather jacket over a leopard-print shirt and black capris. In the accompanying interview, Hoya talks about producing their album “Fly Again,” saying, “I’ve always had an interest in music and videos. While I was working on the album, I received a lot of inspiration from relationships.” When Dongwoo is asked if there are any new ventures he would like to try, he says “I can do well on variety shows. I want to go on ‘We Got Married’ with Han Go Eun. Asked the same question, Hoya replies “I want to try a talk show. As a new actor, I want to act in a drama that’s a romantic comedy.” infinite h dongwoo hoya 4dongwoo 2hoya 4dongwoo 4infinite h dongwoo hoya 1hoya 2infinite h dongwoo hoya 2infinite h bntdongwoohoya 6hoya 5 

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