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"Get It Beauty" Tips: DIY Beauty

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Everyone knows how expensive it can get to go to professionals for skin care. DIY methods are great and usually inexpensive, but where to start? This week’s episode of “Get It Beauty” brings us some DIY tips from massages to a home-made scrub!

Host Tips:

hanuitip_getitbeautyLee Ha Nui: Being that she has become conscientious of her skin at her age, Lee Ha Nui uses a small ceramic bowl for massages around her face and neck. The bowl is good for helping to smooth out pesky wrinkles on the smile lines and around the eyes and eyebrows. Lee Ha Nui also uses it on her lymph nodes and moves the bowl up and down her neck with pressure. jungmintipKim Jung Min: There are products upon products that take care of acne on the face, but what about everywhere else it pops up? Well, Kim Jung Min has made her own home-made body mist made of toner and tea tree oil for acne on her chest and back. This mist has soothing properties and is great for acne prevention. She does make a point, however, that you should lean over 90 degrees when spraying your back so you don’t just spray the floor! soyoutip_getitbeautySoyou: Soyou shows off her creativity and brings in an airbrush machine normally used for body painting. Though this isn’t something everyone can get their hands on, it is a machine that sprays the base makeup in thin and even coats.

DIY Scrub

lamuqe_getitbeauty SNS beauty creator Lamuqe joins the hosts to show off some of her own DIY tricks! Among them is her personal recipe for a wonderful brown sugar scrub that she says is much better than any on the market. And it only has two ingredients! First, she puts organic brown sugar into a container, and then fills the container with refined rice wine (known as cheongju in Korean) until it just barely covers the sugar. Without mixing it, she lets the scrub ferment for two days. It does not require refrigeration, and can be used for up to a year! Lamuqe also makes a note that a sticky liquid forms on top of the mixture, and that she likes to take that and rub it on her face before taking a scoop of the scrub to use!

Chat with an Expert

kimsoobin_getitbeauty Makeup artist Kim Soo Bin is back in the studio to show some ten-minute makeup secrets! soobin1_getitbeauty Base step: Apply cream according to skin type. Kim Soo Bin happens to have sensitive skin, so she uses a cream for sensitive skin. soobin2_getitbeauty Sunscreen and multi-use primer. Make sure to not apply products one after another. Take a little time to pat each product into your skin in order to create a solid base for your makeup! soobin3_getitbeauty Liquid foundation:
  1. Pump once onto the back of your hand.
  2. Melt it with your finger by rubbing it in a small circle.
  3. Apply to your face with fingers in circles and blend outward.
  4. Apply what is left on your hand to the center of your cheeks to finish off the look.
soobin5_getitbeauty Use a foundation tone 2-3 shades darker for contouring. Dab darker foundation around the very edge of your face and then blend towards your hairline. soobin6_getitbeauty Dab once under your cheekbones and blend for a sharper-looking face! soobineyeline_getitbeauty Kim Soo Bin shows off a quick eyeliner tip by taking a pencil eyeliner and spreading it on the insides of a lash curler. It is supposed to act like a stamp and apply a light line. (I just tried it myself and it’s clear it calls for practice!) After that you blend it across your lash line with a cotton swab. soobineyeline2_getitbeauty Take that same eyeliner and create a small wing, then clean it up with a cotton swab. soobineyeshadow_getitbeauty Take a light brown matte eyeshadow and lightly cover your eyelid. As another step, you can add a darker shadow above your lash line to accent your look. soobinmascara_getitbeauty Use the lash curler as a barrier to quickly add mascara without running the risk of messing up your makeup!

Blind Test

blindtest_getitbeauty With all the styling we do with our hair, we ought to take care of it to make sure it stays healthy! This week, “Get It Beauty” looks at the top five hair essence products. The last winner of this line-up is Elastine from all the way back in 2012. After being chosen by experts, the top four competing products are judged by the Better Girls on the criteria of scent, shine, and the finishing feel. And as it turned out, the returning champion was knocked down the third place and Kérastase won out! The final line up came out to be:
  1. Kérastase
  2. Tony Moly
  3. Elastine
  4. Aveda
  5. Aesop
However, it is important to note that the bottom two, Aveda and Aesop, are particularly good for extremely dry and damaged hair due to frequent color treatments! [tv]Check out the full episode of Get It Beauty on SoompiTV![/tv] For all “Get It Beauty” tips, click here.

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