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INFINITE Members Have Been Gaining Weight and Getting Drunk During Group Hiatus?


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On February 28, the members of INFINITE opened up their first large-scale fan meeting “INFINITE Rally 2” in two years since 2013 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. After singing their first song “Man in Love,” the members expressed, “We smile like fathers when we stand on a stage this big. All of you in the audience look really incredible.” When discussing how they have been doing during their break from official group promotions, member L shared, “I have been getting a lot of rest these days. Since INFINITE H is promoting, the rest of the members don’t have anything going on. That’s why I think I’ve gained some weight. This is our first schedule in a while so I’m excited and my heart is beating fast,” with a laugh. Leader Sunggyu revealed, “I’ve also been getting a lot of rest. I’ve been watching dramas and I sometimes get drunk as well,” causing laughter. The youngest member Sungjong also shared, “I’ve been receiving lessons and communicating with fans through SNS on days when we have no schedules.” Meanwhile, INFINITE revealed that they are gearing up to make a group comeback in May.

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