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AOA Jimin Opens Up about "Unpretty Rapstar" and Her Unique Voice


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Girl group AOA's leader Jimin opened up about her appearance on the popular Mnet hip hop show "Unpretty Rapstar" in a recent interview. During the interview, she revealed that she was first hesitant to appear on the show. "I thought being on the show could possibly damage AOA's image. I was never told I was terrible [at rapping,] but if I appeared on the show unprepared, the entire group could have been criticized just because of me." She further spoke about her experiences on the show, saying, "There is so much to learn. This is like a turning point for me. When I'm working as AOA, there isn't much room for rapping so I've become more lenient with myself. But now I feel like I'm back to being a trainee, I am really motivated. I'm thankful for this great opportunity." Commenting on her unique voice, she revealed that she did not do anything special to maintain her voice. "I don't do anything specific for my throat. I can rap fine even when my throat hurts. I've gotten it checked up before, and apparently I have a really strong throat." She also smiled brightly while showing her pride in her voice. "Opinions are divided on my voice but I personally really like my voice. People tell me that it stands out, and that it's easy to understand me. I like it when I hear that."

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