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Rainbow's Go Woori Reveals She Had to Practice in Hotel Rooms to Make Up for Missed Practices


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Rainbow's Go Woori revealed the way she deals with her busy schedules. During a recent pictorial and interview with The Star, Go Woori only had an hour and half to shoot the entire pictorial. She began the shoot without even being able to greet the staff properly, but she delivered, providing the staff with dozens of beautiful pictures. Go Woori is by far the busiest member of Rainbow, and she hasn't been able to take a break. The drama "Glorious Day" wrapped up recently, and now she's simultaneously preparing for Rainbow's comeback and filming a new drama, "The Queen's Flower." A few days ago, she even visited Taiwan for a shoot. She said, "I got a unique character. I'm a rich daughter, but I'm a troublemaker. In the drama, I get scolded and hit a lot by my mom. The drama deals with happenings as my character gets introduced to a potential husband." The character is very similar to Go Woori's real personality. She relayed that she gets so into it the character that the director tells her she could loosen up a bit. She also revealed that while acting has put her a step forward in achieving her dreams, she has also missed being on stage. She said, "I don't get as much time to practice as the other members. Even when I went to Taiwan, I stayed in my hotel room and practiced the dance. If I didn't have to film on the day, I would sometimes stay in my hotel room all day and dance." She has now mastered the choreography and recently finished shooting the album jackets. All that's left for her now is to go on stage. source (1)

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