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Lil Cham's Agency Opens Up about Her Elimination from "Unpretty Rapstar"


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Lil Cham's agency opened up about their thoughts on her elimination from the female rapper competition program, "Unpretty Rapstar." On the February 26 episode of Mnet's "Unpretty Rapstar," a ninth rapper, Jace, appeared, and a fierce survival battle ensued. In the end, it was Lil Cham who was eliminated from the competition. However, the representative from Lil Cham's agency, Factory Boy Production, put a positive spin on it. He said on February 27, "The company and Lil Cham herself both are seeing it as a good experience rather than a loss." They added, "How will she be able to succeed if she isn't able to overcome this little bit of pain? She had a very important opportunity and she ended up losing it, but she couldn't blame anyone. She just has to work hard to get opportunities again." The representative had said earlier on an interview that was conducted on February 12, "I don't think 'Unpretty Rapstar' had poor editing. Lil Cham really was lacking and while that is true and it's shocking, instead of being hurt, she will have to accept the loss and be better from now on." The representative said about the loss, "I want to raise Lil Cham as well as all of our company singers to be stronger. Underground hip hop artists work hard in practice rooms for years, but so do idol trainees." He added, "This field, this society isn't an easy place." He then said, "I told Lil Cham, 'Good try. Next time, let's try to do better,' and she replied, 'Yes, I'll work harder.'" Meanwhile, "Unpretty Rapstar" airs every Thursday on Mnet at 11 p.m. KST.

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