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NU’EST Releases Special Single “I’m Bad” MV


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NU’EST is releasing a special single, "I'm Bad," for their fans. The boy group is releasing their album on February 27. Unfortunately, main vocalist Baekho is unable to participate due to him recuperating from  his surgery to remove vocal fold nodules in his throat. The idol group is releasing the album as way to gift and thank fans for their upcoming three year anniversary since debut on March 15. The special album will feature modern melodies with the members singing more emotional music. After releasing the album online on February 27, they will sell physical copies of the limited edition album on March 15 to match their debut anniversary date. Baekho is included in the group photo as well. Currently, NU’EST is on a concert tour in Japan and practicing diligently. They plan on having a fan meeting in Japan to celebrate their debut anniversary, too. Check out their new music video below:

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