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Song Jae Rim and Lee Ha Na Shower Together in “Unkind Women” Stills


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Unkind Women” released preview stills of a surprising shower scene with Song Jae Rim and Lee Ha Na. New KBS 2TV drama “Unkind Women” will air its first episode on February 25. In preview stills, Song Jae Rim and Lee Ha Na’s unexpected first encounter takes place in a shower room, at a fencing dojo. Lee Ha Na mistakenly walks into a shower room where Song Jae Rim is already showering. A thin shower curtain separates Lee Ha Na, wearing only a towel, and Song Jae Rim, wearing nothing. This is the most skin Lee Ha Na has shown in any of her works, as she is shown with only a towel wrapped around her. Song Jae Rim displays his manly muscles and sexy wet hair. Needless to say, when they discover each other, a weird atmosphere develops. Lee Ha Na and Song Jae Rim’s shower scene was filmed on January 16. As the scene was an uncomfortable one for the actors and shot in a small space, the actors and staff did their best to finish shooting the scene as quickly as possible. Though this scene was uncomfortable for Lee Ha Na as a female actor, she was focused and cheerful throughout the shoot. Song Jae Rim did all he could to make Lee Ha Na comfortable and his good manners were noticed by staff. A drama staffer said of the filming, “Lee Ha Na and Song Jae Rim did not seem to care about their skin-baring scene and were focused on their characters. The scene was filmed well. Viewers should anticipate the chemistry between this couple.” “Unkind Women” is the story of three generations of hot-blooded women, as they navigate and find meaning in their lives.

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