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Song Jae Rim to Kim So Eun: "I Didn't Touch Your Butt!"


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Song Jae Rim vehemently denies touching Kim So Eun’s butt on the latest episode of “We Got Married.” On the February 21 episode of “We Got Married,” Kim So Eun acts as Song Jae Rim’s manager for the day. As part of her duties of taking care of her virtual husband for the day, Kim So Eun personally applies Song Jae Rim’s makeup and styles his hair to prepare for a photo shoot. As she walks around to prepare his make-up, Song Jae Rim notices Kim So Eun’s shirt is lifted up, caught on a mic pack attached to her back. He fixes her shirt and pulls it down, but it looks like he is touching her butt. As Kim So Eun walks around, it happens a second time -- Kim So Eun’s shirt gets caught in the mic pack again and Song Jae Rim pulls her shirt down again. Realizing how things look, the two start laughing and Kim So Eun tells Song Jae Rim, “Stop touching my butt.” Surprised and embarrassed, Song Jae Rim says “I didn’t touch your butt!” During his interview, Song Jae Rim passionately explains to viewers that he did not touch Kim So Eun’s butt. He pleads his case saying “It’s not that I touched her butt, but her clothing was pulled up because of the mic, and I pulled it down. I swear.” song jae rim kim so eun 3 [tv]See for yourself if Song Jae Rim has naughty hands on We Got Married right here on SoompiTV![/tv]

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