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Cha Seung Won Is Looking Forward to Working on a Long Drama Series


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In a recent interview with Yonhap News, actor Cha Seung Won shared his excitement about working on upcoming MBC historical fiction drama “Hwajung.” Cha Seung Won explained his anomalous reaction to working on a longer drama series, which most stars tend to avoid, “Others may evade them, but I’ve wanted to do long drama for a while now.” He continued, “I want to focus and do a good job. I want to put in my share, work hard, and do well in order to not be a liability on this long drama.” “Hwajung,” which will take over “Shine or Go Crazy’s” spot in April later this year, is set against the political backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty, rife with envy and power struggles. Cha Seung Won will depict King Gwanghae, and Kim Jae Won will play King Injo. Additionally, Lee Yeon Hee will play Cha Seung Won’s younger half-sister Princess Jungmyung. While Cha Seung Won has acted in historical fiction films “Blood Rain” and “Blades of Blood,” “Hwajung” is the actor’s first-ever historical fiction drama. Are you excited to see actor Cha Seung Won in “Hwajung?”

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