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8 Ways K-Pop Idols Celebrate Birthdays


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We love to hear about K-Pop idols and their birthday celebrations. Fans like to congratulate them and wonder how their birthdays are being celebrated. Since they are celebrities, their birthdays can be much more glamorous compared to normal people. But sometimes we can be surprised. The following are eight different ways K-Pop idols celebrate their birthdays. Let me know which way of celebrating you think is best and how you celebrate your own birthday in the comments below!

    1. Celebrate with Fellow Members

Let’s start with the obvious and most common way K-Pop idols celebrate, celebrating with their very own members. A Pink’s Bomi received a special video from her members while Rainbow’s Jisook has shared pictures with her group as well. VIXX’s Hyuk and N and 2PM’s Nichkhun also enjoyed cake and a good time with their respective members.
  1. Celebrate with Friends from Different Groups and Agencies
hyoyeon-birthday Through their birthday gatherings we can find out who their closest friends are and be surprised at times. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and miss A’s Min enjoyed smearing each other’s faces with cake cream. We also saw actress Park Shin Hye celebrate with singers such as BEAST’s Yong Junhyung, FTISLAND’s Choi Jung Hoon, and Super Junior’s Heechul.
  1. Receive Amazing Presents
Amber Birthday Since they are loved by so many fans, they often receive enormous (both literally and figuratively) presents. F(x)'s Amber is one of many to receive an ad commemorating her birthday. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is one star who has her own forest.
  1. Donate to Charity
G-DragonParkSeungIlSean Stars aren’t always about receiving. TVXQ's Yunho donated all of his earnings from his role on “Ode to My Father” to the Green Umbrella Child Fund. Likewise, BIGBANG's G-Dragon donated to Seung Il Hope Foundation’s fund for long-term patients of Lou Gehrig’s disease on his birthday. Fans have also proven to be generous and donate on behalf of their favorite stars.
    1. Thank and Gift Fans
K-Pop stars often thank their fans for the love they receive on their birthdays as well. For example, 4minute’s HyunA has shared pictures of her birthday cards and letters while thanking her fans. Sometimes they even give a present to their fans as well. BTS’s V gifted his fans with a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” on his birthday.
  1. Spend Time with Fans
FT-Island-Lee-Jae-Jin Some stars opt for a fan meeting on their birthday. JYJ’s Jaejoong and FTISLAND’s Lee Jae Jin are among the stars that had fan meetings on their birthdays.
  1. Work, Work, and Work!
seolhyun 1 Unfortunately, most of the time K-Pop idols are busy working on their birthdays. AOA’s Seolhyun had to spend her birthday in a foreign country away from her family and group members. CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa celebrated his birthday during a concert.
  1. Be Random and Have Fun!
Many quirky K-Pop idols have celebrated their birthdays by doing random and fun activities. Amber dressed up as Pokemon character Charmander while Z:EA’s Kwanghee took funny selcas with fellow member Moon Junyoung. Don't forget to let us know which ways you think are the best ways to celebrate and how you celebrate birthdays yourself in the comments below!

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