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f(x)'s Amber Reveals That She Contemplated Her Musical Identity with Her First Solo Album


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Creative lifestyle magazine The Celebrity revealed an interview and pictorial with Amber of f(x), who recently released her first solo album "Beautiful" and is also gathering attention with her appearance on MBC's variety show, "Real Men." In this pictorial, they went for a number of different looks. It was reported that her understanding of the pictorial concepts was so fast that even without specific directions, she was able to produce stills that were unique to herself. Also, she also didn't hold back from showing her inner fashionista, digesting a number of casual and colorful clothes. As the photo shoot went on, her energy level only increased, cheering on the staff as well. In the interview that followed, Amber described her first solo album "Beautiful" as a "self-introduction." She also said that it was the accumulation of the musical work she had done over the past few years every day. She said, "I collaborated with artists that I had always wanted to collaborate with, like Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Eric Nam. I listened to the bands I used to like when I was a kid and I thought a lot about what my musical identity was." She also mentioned her appearance on "Real Men," and said that she earned a lot of confidence through filming the show. Amber also talked about what she does in her free time, saying she likes to ride on the subway and that she was interested in environmental protection. Her fun and honest interview and the full pictorial can be found in the March issue of The Celebrity. amber 1amber 3

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