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Girls' Generation's Yuri Reveals Her Ideal Type on "Dating Alone"


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Girls' Generation's Yuri reveals what kind of person her ideal man would be on the February 14 episode of JTBC's "Dating Alone," where Yuri is the first main character of the show. On the episode, Yuri wears a white coat to become a female doctor, and does some role-playing with the MCs. She reveals that her attraction to someone wouldn't change if that person was an appendicitis patient who had no choice but to pass gas because of his condition. Also, Yuri enjoys off-the-wall humor. For instance, she confesses using numbers written on surgery areas. She also likes men who are witty, but more than anything, she reveals that she is attracted to those who are proactive and enthusiastic. In a club, Yuri wants men who approach her to be able to attract attention with smooth dancing skills. With this role play, Jackson beat the other MCs, becoming the person who best fits Yuri's ideal type. The producers add in the captions "I am Yuri's man" for Jackson, who was very excited about this. dating alone yuri jackson

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