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Vote: Your Favorite Couples from K-Dramas, "We Got Married," and More!


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Happy Valentine's Day, Soompiers! Whether or not you have a significant other, you can always rejoice in the love and attraction of the various real and make-believe couples in the world of K-pop and K-drama! Our forum community has a strong and proud shipping tradition, and this year we're celebrating by holding a friendly contest to decide which couples will reign supreme! Currently, eight different fandoms have joined the contest, providing info to teach newcomers about their couple. We've provided a condensed version here in this article, but you can find the full version on the forums. You'll find a great range of couples to choose from. We've got everyone's favorite "We Got Married" couples, past and present, a couple from "Roommate," and actors and actresses your favorite K-dramas. We've even got one fictional couple! Whatever your poison, we're sure to have it, and we may even be adding on more couples, so feel free to come back! Please check out the profiles here and then vote on the last page of the article. You can vote once every six hours, from now until February 17, 11:59 PM KST. We will delete all spam votes, so don't even try! Happy voting, Happy Valentine's Day, and may the best couples win! sunsetheart006Jjongah Couple: Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day Yura "It may be a virtual marriage but we became attached to each other as we spent a few months together, and we will definitely become more attached in the future than we are right now." - Hong Jong Hyun "It would depend on how he confesses to me. I think I would [say yes] if I really feel that he’s being sincere." - Yura K0djyG1DongHae Couple: Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae “I and Lee Da Hae had many memories. Everytime when she is sad, I’m sad too. We like each other, because we always bring happiness to each other. It can’t be denied that, at many times I had thought what will happen if Da Hae is my girlfriend.” - Lee Dong Wook “Truthfully, when it comes to lovey-dovey scenes or harsh dialogue, we try to be careful about it but we’re filming things well by working things out together. During ‘My Girl,’ it was fresh but now there is a comfortable feeling as if we’ve been dating for a long time. We would argue from time to time and take care of each other when we can and it’s fun.” - Lee Da Hae GpSTzZLQuack Couple: Lee Jong Suk and Kang Sora "She told me how to be happy when I was in a slump. She said to me, your life as an actor is important, but it is more crucial that you are happy as a person." - Lee Jong Suk "Sometimes when I think he is like this, he turns out not to be; it’s really hard to figure him out. He’s very attractive in many ways, he’s very serious in a joking manner, he’s sometimes like a child and sometimes mature." - Kang Sora 1entryblack1Daesang Couple: Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun "I need to specially thank her; she is Jun Ji Hyun. Because of the Cheon Song Yi that she played, the role is even more loveable. In the drama, Jeon Ji Hyun acted as Cheon Song Yi, lively, cute... Jun Ji Hyun is just like Cheon Song Yi in the drama, their personalities are very similar."- Kim Soo Hyun "Kim Soo Hyun is Korea's Leonardo DiCaprio. He has both the boyish nature and yet a manly side; when he laughs, there is sadness."- Jun Ji Hyun vlcsnap-2015-02-13-11h55m43s247_zpsfc02b18cHealer Couple: Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young “Things that I like: High places, first snow, small hands, white bedding, and that hair. The things I hate: anything and everything that keeps me away from those.” - Seo Jeong Hoo “Things that I like: the sound of the camera shutters he makes, his big hands, smiling eyes, and big embrace. The things that I don’t like: anything and everything that keeps me away from those.” - Chae Young Shin nArd81JackJi Couple: GOT7's Jackson and Kara's Youngji "Saranghaneun... Youngji. If it’s not Youngji, then who can it be? I really can’t think of anyone else.” – Jackson "She’s my wife!" – Jackson B9OxpXWCMAAQm5x 1_zpsig4cu2ecSoLim Couple: Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun "Together with you, 24 hours isn't enough." - Song Jae Rim "He's the type of man I've always longed for/dreamed of in my head. He always impresses me with every little thing." - Kim So Eun tumblr_njo8vvT2xO1to59dfo1_5402Young Couple: 2PM's Wooyoung and Park Seyoung (About what happens after WGM ended) “I want our relationship to be the same as it is now. I really do think so. From now on… secretly?” - Wooyoung “If I look him in the eye, it’s like the feelings I can’t bear to express will be found out. So all those feelings build up, and at some point it’s already exceeded the limit. But I keep pretending I don’t like him.” - Seyoung namgoong min hong jinyoungMinYoung Couple: Namgoong Min and Hong Jinyoung “As my husband, Namgoong Min, and as a human being, Namgoong Min, I really fell in love with him. Seriously! My husband is the best.” – Hong Jinyoung “To me, Hong Jinyoung is deer antler juice. It tasted really bitter when I first tried it, and I was shocked because of that. But it has become my blood, my flesh, and everything that's good for my body.” – Namgoong Min Shippers Paradise Contest Remember, you can vote once every six hours until February 17, 11:59 PM KST! Check out the full entries here to feel the love! [polldaddy poll="8656531"]

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