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Kim Woo Bin Apologizes for Kang Ha Neul’s Behavior After Drinking


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On February 12, at a press conference for the film “Twenty,” Kim Woo Bin apologized for co-star Kang Ha Neul’s behavior after a night of drinking. He revealed an amusing behind-the-scenes story from the filming of the movie. Kim Woo Bin shared the story of Kang Ha Neul’s loud and disruptive behavior one night while they were filming the movie “Twenty” in the city of Jeonju. He good-naturedly teased his co-star and even apologized on his behalf. He stated “After drinking a lot, Kang Ha Neul was yelling in front of the housing where the film staff was staying. When Kang Ha Neul drinks, he usually does not behave differently, but he must have been in a good mood that day. He went from one store to the next drinking alcohol [at each stop]. After that, while in front of our lodging, he shouted.” He made those in attendance laugh as he continued, “I’m from Jeonju. I want to apologize to the people of Jeonju.” Kang Ha Neul explained his side of the story, saying “I drank that night thinking that I wanted to drink happily and sleep deeply. I was late to filming the next day.” He also revealed what he shouted and said, “I was really happy while filming ‘Twenty’ so I yelled ‘I love you 'Twenty.' I want you.’ I didn't realize others were filming the next morning. Kim Woo Bin had to film the next morning and the staff told me he said, ‘Kang Ha Neul’s dead when he shows up.’" He also apologized, saying,  "I want to take this opportunity to apologize to the citizens of Jeonju. I was inconsiderate.” “Twenty” is a film about three best friends as they move into adulthood. Kim Woo Bin plays a jobless but charismatic man popular with the ladies. Kang Ha Neul plays a character who does well in school. He is every mother’s dream child but once he drinks, he completely changes. 2PM’s Junho rounds out the threesome as a hardworking and responsible man. kang ha neul kim woo bin

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