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Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Semifinal Round


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And then there were four. Welcome to the semifinals of the K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge! Round 3 proved to be even more brutal than Round 2, with talented vocals like Ailee, IU, BIGBANG Daesung, and Super Junior Kyuhyun being knocked out. Possibly the biggest surprise was how large some of the margins were. JYJ Junsu, EXO Chen, and TVXQ Changmin won in their respective quadrants with giant leads of over 20 percent, and it was clear early on who the victor would most likely be. Of the staff picks (Ailee, Kyuhyun, Girls' Generation Taeyeon, FTISLAND Hongki) that were brought back from eliminated Round 2 contestants, only FTISLAND Hongki managed to scrape by, narrowly beating BIGBANG Daesung. Here are the full results for Round 3: PINK-RED 1st place: FTISLAND Hongki 2nd place: BIGBANG Daesung 3rd place: INFINITE Sungkyu ORANGE-YELLOW 1st place: JYJ Junsu 2nd place: BIGBANG Taeyang 3rd place: Girls' Generation Taeyeon GREEN-LIGHT BLUE 1st place: EXO Chen 2nd place: A Pink Eunji 3rd place: Super Junior Kyuhyun BLUE-VIOLET 1st place: TVXQ Changmin 2nd place: IU 3rd place: Ailee (click for full image) best idol vocalist quarterfinals Now, for the semifinals, our match-ups are FTISLAND Hongki vs. EXO Chen and JYJ Junsu vs. TVXQ Changmin. Good luck! The voting will remain open until Tuesday, February 17, at 5 p.m. (KST). You can vote once every 12 hours! (Note: Spam votes will be removed.) Are you ready? Turn the page to start! First up is Hongki vs. Chen. FTISLAND Hongki vs. EXO Chen FTISLAND Hongki EXO Chen [polldaddy poll="8656074"] JYJ Junsu vs. TVXQ Changmin JYJ Junsu TVXQ Changmin [polldaddy poll="8656083"] Thanks for voting! Remember, you can come back in 12 hours! The polls will remain open until February 17, at 5 p.m. KST.

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