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M.I.B's Young Cream Apologizes for Korean Flag Controversy

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M.I.B member Young Cream apologized for the recent controversy he caused when he uploaded a photo of a modified Korean flag. On February 6, the rapper tweeted an image of an all blue Korean flag with the words, “Nae guk gi (or "My flag," a play on the Korean word for the national flag, tae guk gi).” flag controversy Young Cream says, “I honestly don’t like the red in our country’s national flag. When I become president later on, I’m going to change it.” He explains, “It doesn’t make sense that our national flag should have red in it given what red symbolizes in the Hakenkreuz (the symbol of the Nazis) and the Rising Sun Flag.” To fans’ insistence to “not do anything that will become a controversy,” Young Cream responds, “You fools who don’t have either logic or sense, live the rest of your life like that,” adding “Barbarians who take issue [with me], go and worship the sun god.” After the controversy blew up, Young Cream deleted the relevant photos and text and apologized, “I am sincerely sorry. I didn’t have the slightest intent to desecrate the national flag, but I got so caught up in my emotions that I couldn’t think straight. I apologize for the upset I caused.”

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