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SHINee’s Jonghyun Announces That He Doesn’t Need a Girlfriend?

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SHINee member Jonghyun recently showed off the cute actions of one of his fans by revealing that he is not in need of a girlfriend. On February 7, Jonghyun wrote on his personal Twitter account, “Someone stuck this on me at the fan sign event^^…Yes….I no longer have a chance now….I don’t need one!!!^^ While the fans are now coming up to me and saying ‘Jonghyun, I’m getting married.’ Congrats^^….” Along with this humorous post, the SHINee member uploaded a photo of himself with a sticker stuck to his forehead. The words written on the sticker given to him by a fan, read, “I don’t need such a thing as a girlfriend,” providing much laughter to fans. In the selca, Jonghyun can be seen wearing a bittersweet smile on his face, as he announces that he does not need a girlfriend, all the while poking fun at the fans who are revealing that they are getting married.

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