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"Superman Returns" Twins and Uhm Ji On Are so Happy to Meet Each Other


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The youngest children on variety show “Superman Returns,” Uhm Ji On, Lee Seo Eon, and Lee Seo Jun, meet for the first time on the upcoming episode. Uhm Tae Woong and daughter Ji On invite Lee Hwi Jae and his twins Seo Eon and Seo Jun over on the next episode of “Superman Returns.” The Uhm house, located near a quiet mountainside, becomes very noisy due to their guests. When the twin boys enter their house, the Uhms cause laughter by saying, “Wow! [Our] friends who look exactly the same have come over!” Uhm Ji On, Lee Seo Eon, and Lee Seo Jun are the official “youngest-line” of “Superman Returns,” all three being born in the same year and the youngest children featured on the show. In a still from the upcoming episode, Uhm Ji On and Lee Seo Eon stand side-by-side with huge smiles. They appear so happy to meet each other that their eyes disappear because their smiles are so big. In another still, the twins and Uhm Ji On are huddled around dog, Se Bom. Unsurprisingly, the twins are more curious than scared when meeting a dog twice their size and approach the dog with no hesitation. They quickly become good friends and Se Bom joins the “youngest-line.” This episode of “Superman Returns” will air on the February 8 episode.

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