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Video: AS4U Goes to the Guys With 100% and TEEN TOP's Niel

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This week on KBS's "A Song For You" there was a noticeable lack of women - after having all the power last week, MC Amber was unfortunately absent. Kangin and Sungjae were joined by more men - group 100% and TEEN TOP's Niel who is prepping for his solo debut. Kangin was, of course, a little bummed by the lack of female guests but the AS4U producers decided to make the most of it and Episode 23 was a special "Brotherhood Special!" 100% and Niel were the perfect guests to show off their brotherhood - did you know that they trained together and have continued to support each other even after debut? Check out the highlights from this bromance-tastic episode and catch all of episode 23 below!

1. Niel ranks 100%.

as4u-23-niel-ranking-100percentas4u-23-rockhyun-100percent-noooo Luckily for Rock Hyun, not in order of looks but by how close he is with them!

2. Chang Bum is the prince of the team…

as4u-23-100percent-changbum-is-the-prince-duhas4u-23-100percent-poo-storyas4u-23-kangin-stop-talking But in the bathroom he…

3. Hyuk Jin relives a dark memory...

as4u-23-hyukjin-kissed-baroas4u-23-niel-changbum-awkward-kissas4u-23-100-percent-kiss-reaction-lol ... of doing the famed "candy kiss" with B1A4's Baro. But luckily this time he isn’t the one doing the kissing. Poor Niel and Chang Bum.

4. A painful game…

as4u-23-100-percent-game-nielas4u-23-melting-ice-absas4u-23-100-percent-lookin-dumb Melt as much ice as you can in 60 seconds… using your teammate’s body.… Ouch.

5. The performances!

as4u-23-100-percent-performancesas4u-23-niel-performance 100% performed an acoustic version of "U Beauty," while Niel pulled off a great solo performance of TEEN TOP's "Cry."

Watch the full episode now:

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