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Dohee Says She Wants to Try a Kiss Scene with Yeo Jin Goo

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Tiny-G’s Dohee recently appeared on the SBS PowerFM program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” describing her desire to act out a kiss scene with child actor Yeo Jin Goo.

When asked about an actor that she would want to do a kiss scene with, Dohee replied, “I’d like to film a scene with Yeo Jin Goo. He’s young, but he’s so masculine. He seems like a man to me.”

Following this, DJ Cultwo then asked Dohee to leave a recorded message for Yeo Jin Goo. In her cute country accent, Dohee said, “Jin Goo, it’s Dohee noona. We appeared together on a show once a while back, but its a shame we weren’t able to become closer. I’m going to practice hard so that I can reach your acting ability. Let’s try out a love scene together when you’re no longer a minor,” she concluded, drawing laughter.

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