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CNBLUE’s Jonghyun Makes a Surprise Appearance on “Tutoring Across Generations”

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CNBLUE’s Jonghyun appeared on variety show “Tutoring Across Generations” as a surprise guest. “Tutoring Across Generations” is a program that teams up young celebrity tutors with much older celebrity students, who learn a variety of subjects. On the February 5 episode, Jonghyun appeared on the segment where Song Ga Yeon was teaching mixed martial arts to Jung Jae Hyung. Song Ga Yeon and Jung Jae Hyung were training when Jonghyun suddenly appeared and surprised them. With his good looks, tall stature, and blue judo uniform, his seemingly perfect appearance made Jung Jae Hyung nervous. Checking to see how much Jonghyun knew about martial arts, Jung Jae Hyung asked him, “Have you done judo before? Have you tried mixed martial arts?” Jonghyun answered by showing off his boxing skills with a few punches, surprising Jung Jae Hyung. It turned out that Jonghyun was competitive in judo in his younger years, even winning awards. It was also revealed that he has been learning mixed martial arts for the past two years. He and Song Ga Yeon practice at the same gym and are friendly with each other. This knowledge made Jung Jae Hyung anxious and he jokingly stated, “He’s athletic and he’s handsome… he’s my competition.” Jonghyun went on to teach Jung Jae Hyung some martial arts moves. cnblue jonghyun

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