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Zico Compliments AOA's Jimin on "Unpretty Rapstar"

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AOA's Jimin received compliments from Block B’s Zico for her unique voice and showmanship. On the February 5 broadcast of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar,” the leader of AOA participated in the first mission battle to be featured on Zico’s track. Despite a rough start because of fellow contestants’ prejudice about idols, Jimin brought her A game and professionalism to the 100 second cypher challenge, using her extensive experience shooting music videos to snag first place. Going into the solo battle, the rapper expressed her lack of confidence, “Because it's my first time presenting a longer rap, I am really nervous.” However, as soon as the beat dropped, she launched into a fluid execution of her rap. She started with the line, “Looking down on me [because of your prejudice] will be your disgrace.” She also made a reference to AOA’s hit songs,“Wearing a short skirt and a bob hair cut I walk on the beat like a cat.” Zico complimented Jimin, saying, “Your voice sounds like it’s already been EQed,” and “There really is nothing like experience on stage. [Jimin’s] is really good.” Meanwhile, “Unpretty Rapstar” airs every Thursday on Mnet at 11 p.m., KST. Check out part of the episode below:

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