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EXID Reveals They Can Eat More Thanks to Success of "Up & Down"


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As girl group sensation EXID continues to climb up the charts, their agency is also providing them with a few extra perks.

In an appearance on SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” EXID participated in a question and answer segment with fans. At one point, a male fan came on stage and asked, “Has your agency treated you any differently now that ‘Up & Down’ has gotten popular?”

“We used to only get 6,000 won (approximately 5 USD) per person for each meal, but that’s gone up a bit now,” they replied. “We can also have coffee and other things for dessert, too. We’re really happy about that.” Then the male fan confessed that he wanted a hug from Junghwa who happily obliged, making all of the other men jealous.


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