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Tablo: "Epik High's 'Fly' Was Supposed to Be Park Shin Hye's Debut Song"

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Rapper Tablo of Epik High revealed an interest backstory to his group's hit song "Fly." During the February 4 broadcast of his radio program "Tablo's Dreaming Radio," SALTNPAPER was featured as a guest. The singer-songwriter (who also goes by MYK for his hip hop activities) recently released a single titled "Perfect," featuring the actress Park Shin Hye with lyrics by Tablo. The two musicians had a chance to talk to Park Shin Hye on the phone during the radio show. When Tablo asked her if she had any plans to release an album, she replied by saying, "Will you give me a song?" Tablo then answered, "Epik High's 'Fly' was supposed to be Park Shin Hye's debut song, requested by Lee Seung Hwan. But after we wrote the song, it was so good we decided to use it ourselves." Park Shin Hye was previously training to be a singer at Dream Factory, singer Lee Seung Hwan's agency, before switching to acting.

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