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Boom’s Father Has Passed Away after a Car Accident

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Boom’s father has passed away after a car accident on February 3. On January 4, police shared that Boom’s father had a collision while he was driving from Chungbuk, Chungju. His 60 year old father crashed into the median strip on the highway. After the accident, a witness saw the motionless car and called the police. It has been reported that his father passed away at the scene of the accident. Authorities are still investigating as to whether another car was involved or not. The funeral is taking place at Yeoido St. Mary’s Hospital. Boom has expressed his respect and appreciation for his parents in the past. He once stated, “My dad worked for a conglomerate company right after graduating from university and worked there for over 30 years.” His agency has commented, “Boom was very sorry and apologetic toward his father due to his situation last year. While he was preparing for his return this year, his father passed away. He is extremely sad about not being able to do anything for his father as his son now.” We offer our deepest condolences to Boom and his family.

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