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5 Great Reasons to Watch "Kill Me, Heal Me"

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With the halfway point of “Kill Me, Heal Me” on the horizon, here are some reasons to check it out if you haven't already!

1. The two-person love triangle.

segi_killmehealmedohyunrijin_killmehealme When you think of a love triangle, it’s usually the girl with the main guy and the second lead syndrome guy, right? Well Ji Sung gets to play both! Cha Do Hyun the level-headed “main” character and Shin Se Gi the cruel personality that can be controlled by our heroine, Oh Ri Jin.

2. Ji Sung’s flexible acting.

jisung_killmehealme Ji Sung is not only portraying one character and one personality, but a total of seven! With four of the personalities revealed so far, Ji Sung has already proved that he can handle each of them in their own respect. From calm Cha Do Hyun, to cruel Shin Se Gi, to wacky Parry Park, to suicidal teenager Ahn Yo Sub, Ji Sung has already begun to cover a wide area of personality spectrum.

4. The great OST: "Auditory Hallucination"

dsfasdga The moment I heard this OST, I was scrambling to find out who it was. The song, "Auditory Hallucinations," is sung by Jang Jae In featuring NaShow. The latter's rap starts out the song, and that is what caught my attention right away. I can't even remember an OST with a rap. Not to mention that Jang Jae In's voice is simply beautiful. LOVE IT!

4. The chemistry between the "twins".

siblings_killmehealme Everyone always talks about the chemistry between the main couples of a drama, but what about the other characters? The chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum's characters is of course not romantic. However, the way they interact feels so comfortable that you would think they actually were siblings! On the other hand, it was just recently hinted at that even this relationship isn't all as it seems!

5. Oh Ri Ohn’s antics… and secrets.

riohnrijin_killmehealmeriohn_killmehealme One of the things that drew me into the show right away was Oh Ri Ohn. From telling the airport his sister is “ill” because she’s so angry at him that she was about to reveal his identity as the popular murder mystery author, to telling someone that he heard that the same author was as handsome as Won Bin, he really is the comic relief of the show. riohnboard_killmehealme However, he has a darker side that is slowly being revealed. It seems that Oh Ri Ohn has been following Cha Do Hyun for a long time, tracking him and his relations in a complicated flow chart. The new novel he is writing appears to link in Cha Do Hyun’s past… and even his own. Have you been keeping up with "Kill Me, Heal Me?" If so, what are the things that keep you watching? Please share with us below! [tv]Check out Kill Me, Heal Me on SoompiTV![/tv]

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