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Cha Seung Won Poses as a Fisherman for High Cut, Opens up About "Three Meals a Day"

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Actor Cha Seung Won transformed into a fisherman for a pictorial with star and style magazine High Cut. In the photos, Cha Seung Won dons a variety of fishing and butchery gear, including rubber boots, gloves, and fisherman overalls. He also poses with a fish, a fishing rod, and a lobster, respectively. However, the playful yet charismatic Cha Seung Won makes his outfits and even the fish he is holding look like items taken straight off the runway. One of our favorite cuts features Cha Seung Won posing with a lobster on his shoulder. The combination of Cha Seung Won’s moustache, his strong eyebrows, and the lobster can’t help but make us think of the character Chef Louis from “The Little Mermaid,” the one that sings “Les Poissons” as he chases Sebastian the crab around the ship. cha seung won high cut3 In the corresponding interview, Cha Seung Won opened up about his thoughts about “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village Edition,” in which he is a main cast member. He said, “You know, a simple, artless meal can become a very precious memory to someone. I believe that ‘Three Meals a Day’s’ ability to demonstrate that is its most important feature. I mean, to be frank, how much fun is cooking and then eating food? The focus is the people.” Cha Seung Won continued, “The good ratings for ‘Three Meals a Day’ show that people really crave a simple, artless meal. On the other hand, [it also shows] that life is really hard for people in this age. Everything has sped up so quickly that people welcome things [like a simple meal] that are slow.” You can catch Cha Seung Won’s full pictorial and interview in High Cut’s 143rd issue. three meals a day

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