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Video: Amber Tries Her Hand at Matchmaking on AS4U

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This week on KBS's "A Song For You," love was (kind of) in the air! Groups Boys Republic and BESTie were both on the show and right from the start, there were vibes. Amber was the only MC this week and she took full advantage of having all of the power - both as the sole MC and the sunbae of both the guest groups. Will sparks actually fly between the members of BESTie and Boys Republic? Is Amber actually a genius matchmaker (instead of an MC with too much power)? Check out our highlights from the episode and don't forget to catch it on SoompiTV!

1. Amber decides that love is in the air.

as4u-22-amber-cupids-arrowas4u-amber-boys-republic-sungjun She doesn't care if her guests don't agree - when she says the set feels like a group date she will make it a group date! 

2. A new love triangle is born...

as4u-uji-love-triangle One that rivals even the best K-drama out there! Who will U Ji choose????

3. A hilarious warm-up game that's perfect for the Amber-forced couples!

as4u-game-1-sunwoo-bestieas4u-22-broccolli-game-1 Awkward and adorable all at the same time!

4. Bottle Bowling!

as4u-22-sunwoo-game2as4u-22-bottle-bowling MC Sungjae is absent today so I wonder who will reveal themselves as the black-hole this week... someone on Team BESTie or Team Boys Republic?

5. Performances!

as4u-22-byos-republic-performanceas4u-22-bestie-performance Boys Republic serenaded us with "Like A Doll" and BESTie brought a never-before-performed song, "I'm So Into You!"

Enjoy the full episode now:

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