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MC The Max's Lee Soo Opens Up about His Removal from "I Am a Singer 3"

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MC The Max's vocalist Lee Soo has revealed his honest thoughts about his sudden removal from MBC's "I Am a Singer 3." Previously, it was reported that MBC has decided to remove Lee Soo's segment completely from the broadcast of the show without notifying the singer or his agency of the decision, as some voiced concern regarding Lee Soo's 2009 involvement with an underage prostitute. It was later revealed that during the recording for the first episode, Lee Soo placed second place as voted by the audience present at the recording. Lee Soo recently posted his thoughts on the official MC The Max fan cafe and DC Gallery. The following is his statement: "I'm sorry this is late. I wanted to talk about this sooner but I couldn't, and I hope you all understand. For me until this point, every second was unbearable, but I hope that the conclusion I arrived at becomes the answer. Let's not hate anyone, except me. That's my answer. Regardless of my removal, 'I Am a Singer' is a program that provided the best environment to perform for singers. I don't think it's fair to condemn a program because of my personal issues, when it is such a considerate program that is truly concerned with making sure the singers are able to sing what they want. Continue to support my fellow singers who only have a limited time left on this stage. I'm very very sorry that I caused concern for many of you. I just wanted to sing, that's it. More than anything I just wanted to sing in front of you. I wanted to become a warm home-cooked meal, not fast food that you discretely enjoy. I'm disappointed but unfortunately this is the burden I must bear, and this is why I tried to overcome it by myself. As it was sensational, there must be some change, but something that won't ever change is that I will continue to sing, and we will all live on. I'm so, so very sorry to cause you worry, I'm sorry about what happened in the past that became fact because of someone's imagination. I didn't know I'd be saying this again, but I'll try my best to live, instead of being lived. Thank you, for raising my hand and listening to my voice. Let's meet soon."

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