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Yoo Joon Sang Compliments Yang Yoseob and Kyuhyun's Acting in Musical "Robin Hood"

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Actor Yoo Joon Sang complimented his co actors in the musical “Robin Hood,” Kyuhyun and Yang Yoseob. During the press conference for “Robin Hood,” Yoo Joon Sang complimented, “Yoseob is very cute and works hard. Kyuhuyn, too, is becoming more than just an idol musical actor through hard work.” He also said, “These kids [Kyuhyun, Yang Yoseob, and Park Sung Hwan] are so kind and polite; I can’t help but compliment them.” “I can tell how the three are maturing through the musical. They are truly becoming kings. Sometimes I wonder how great it would be to have kings like them,” Yoo Joon Sang added. “Though kings belong in fairytales, sometimes I can’t help but wish for a king like them.” In the musical, Yoo Joon Sang is one of the three actors who play Robin Hood, along with Lee Gun Myung and Uhm Ki Joon. His character tries to restore Prince Philip (played by Kyuhyun, Yang Yoseob, and Park Sung Hwan), who was wrongly exiled, to the palace with the bravery of a hero. Meanwhile, “Robin Hood,” is a musical recreated by producers in Korea to tell the story of Robin Hood and Prince Philip’s revolution. It will be running until March 29. kyuhyun robin hoodyoseob robin hoodyoo joon sang robin hood

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