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CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and JJ Lin's MV "Checkmate" Released

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On January 30, Jung Yong Hwa revealed through YouTube the music video for song “Checkmate,” which is part of his solo album “One Fine Day.” This video was made with the help of JJ Lin, and is the third MV of the solo album after “Mileage” and “One Fine Day.” Although Jung Yong Hwa was playful and quirky in “Mileage,” and was a man in love that breaks up with his girlfriend in “One Fine Day,” Jung Yong Hwa turns into a working man for “Checkmate.” The highlight of the music video is when the office workers jump out of a chessboard when the part of the song that has the lyrics, “Here I am for you, I will fight with you” plays. People on the chessboard represent those who are so busy with working and living the daily life that they forget about their dreams. By jumping out of the chessboard, they come out of their boxes and have a new start. Meanwhile, the song “Checkmate” is known for being the collaboration between Jung Yong Hwa and JJ Lin. The song carries the message that, although people are from different countries, they can overcome barriers to support one another despite the differences.

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