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Shoo Explains Why She Decided to Join “Oh! My Baby”


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S.E.S member Shoo decided to join the cast of variety show “Oh! My Baby” to have fun experiences with her kids and to show the difficulties faced by working moms. Shoo shared her decision to join the show, saying “It was not an easy decision [to join the show] because there was so much interest focused on my kids. But from watching past ‘Oh! My Baby’ episodes, I was certain that my kids and I would have fun experiences and learn a lot together, so I decided to join the cast.” She also shared her struggles of maintaining a work-life balance, a topic many working moms struggle with. She stated, “I want to show the honest emotions of being a mother in real setting, not an unreal, made-up, pretty presentation. Because of my busy schedule, I feel like I can’t do much for my kids and I feel apologetic to them. The working moms of this generation probably understand my heart very well. I want to become a better mom to my kids through this show.” Shoo will appear on “Oh! My Baby” with her twin daughters Ra Hee and Ra Yool. PD of the show, Bae Sung Woo, shared “We haven’t filmed the first episode yet. Though they’ve been in front of the camera a lot, Ra Hee and Ra Yool are sensitive to any small change. We want the girls to be appear as their natural selves on the show, so we’re currently testing so they can become more comfortable with cameras around.” He also shared how the addition of two moms will change the show, as the show showcased male celebrities in the past. “Thus far, ‘Oh! My Baby’ has shown parenting from the father’s point of view through [cast] Kim Jung Min, Ricky Kim, and Kim Tae Woo. With Shoo and musical actress Kim So Hyun joining the cast, the show will be showing the struggles of working moms. We want people to empathize with the working moms of this generation.” shoo ra hee ra yool

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