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SISTAR's Hyorin Criticized by an MBC Reporter for Overly Loving Her Cat

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MBC Reporter Kim Sae Ui, who also serves as chairman of MBC’s labor union, has sparked controversy with a post he uploaded on his Facebook where he criticized SISTAR’s Hyorin's image on the show "I Live Alone." He wrote, “Even for someone like me, who likes animals and girl groups, it is really tiring to see SISTAR’s Hyorin on ‘I Live Alone.’ I think she went with a wrong concept. I dislike cats a bit, but as a person who raised cats, I get sick of girls who are either overly religious or who only look at their cats all day. Whatever you do, do it in moderation. Be religious  in moderation, and love animals in moderation.” He ended the post saying, “In the future, I don't want to see Hyorin on MBC variety [shows] again.” kim sae ui As Kim Sae Ui’s privacy setting for the post was set to public, it has been shared on various online communities although the reporter deleted the post after it became an issue. Some viewers criticized Kim Sae Ui for being overly harsh with his own company’s show based on his personal opinion. A spokesperson of MBC commented on the happening by saying, “Regarding the post, we don't know what went on. We have to grasp the details of the situation first.” Meanwhile, Hyorin has demonstrated her immense love for animals on “I Live Alone” through her volunteer work at an animal shelter as well as the way she treats her own pets. She also displayed her religious devotion in the show. I Live Alone Source (1) See also: Hyorin Surprises Herself with Her Bare Face on “I Live Alone” Hyorin Shows off Her Home and Young-Looking Mother

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