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Song Il Gook Wants Triplets to Treat Each Other as Older and Younger Brothers

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Actor Song Il Gook, who is currently appearing on “Superman Returns” with his adorable triplets, revealed why he wants his triplets to treat each other as older and younger brothers. On the 62nd episode of KBS2 variety show “Superman Returns,” the triplets went to a traditional schoolhouse to receive lessons in etiquette and calligraphy. man se obedient At the schoolhouse, Man Se was taught to call his older brothers, Dae Han and Min Gook, “hyung" (older brother). Man Se obediently called his brothers the way he was taught. In an interview with the producers, Song Il Gook said, "From now on, they really have to treat each other as older or younger brothers. This is because Dae Han supported his younger brothers from the moment they were in their mother’s womb. I also was not able to pay much attention to Dae Han before his first birthday because I was taking care of Min Gook and Man Se.” He further explained the reasons to why he wanted Dae Han to be called as an older brother, saying, “Even so, he never complained and rather put on a strong face. I'm trying to make Min Gook and Man Se call him an older brother because I’m sorry for the lack of attention he received.”

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