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Third Quarter Report: "The Legendary Witch" 19-27

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Nine more episodes in and the "The Legendary Witch" is about to run into its climax. However, these last nine episodes have been that awkward middle part, the part where the story is set and well under way but has to set up again for the grand ending. So what does that leave us with? The following list of happenings and events that further the plot... but just barely to keep us interested for the ending.

1. Our main couple gets together.

LegendWitch 3Q 4LegendWitch 3Q 11 She doesn't immediately say yes to his confession, but through a false alarm of an airplane crash, Moon Soo In (Han Ji Hye) admits that she has feelings for Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin). They start officially dating, and it's super cute.  Ma Joo Hee is not happy about it, but she hasn't pulled anything big yet. I have a feeling it's coming. LegendWitch 3Q 12

2. The Magic Bakery is open!

LegendWitch 3Q 1 With Kim Young Ok's investment, the four women are able to set up an actual store (named Magic Bakery, fittingly). Soo In is actually a very talented baker, and initially, the store does really well. However, sister-in-law Ma Joo Ran causes trouble by telling some townspeople that the four owners of the bakery met in prison. LegendWitch 3Q 5 There's some trouble for a while, and the bread sales drop for a bit. However, after saving one of the women's daughters from some troublemakers - and more importantly, through Soo In's perseverance and sincerity in baking her bread every day - store profits steadily rise again.

3. New love interests?

LegendWitch 3Q 3 While the bakery was in its rut, one of its saviors was the building owner. He falls for Son Poong Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung) at first sight and immediately buys all of the bread in the bakery. Soon, he's setting up contracts for the bakery and offering Poong Geum flowers, necklaces, and apartments. After being deceived and disappointed by Tak Wol Han, Poong Geum is impressed and takes a serious liking to him. (Throughout all of this, Tak Wol Han pretends not to care - but he definitely does.) LegendWitch 3Q 13 On the other hand, Kim Young Ok is feeling lonely. At first, she's attracted to Tak Wol Han: "He looks like my first love." However, she's soon after another man, none other Shim Bok Nyeo's (Go Doo Shim) boyfriend Park Yi Moon. When she realizes that it's a relationship she can't get between, she pulls a "no dating" rule on her four workers. (It's all rather precious.) LegendWitch 3Q 6

4. The revenge plan is underway.

LegendWitch 3Q 8 Kim Young Ok is busy with something else recently, though. She put a target on Ma Joo Ran because she's been getting in their way again and again. Poong Geum takes some time off of the bakery to help her. This is going to be a good one.

5. Whose side is Cha Aeng Ran on?

LegendWitch 3Q 14 Outside of the bakery, the drama is still spinning it wheels. We find out that Ma Do Jin is not really Ma Tae San's son; Cha Aeng Ran had a true love who passed away, and it sounds like she made a promise to him to take over Shinhwa (or something along those lines). She's looking for the papers that Shim Bok Nyeo is searching for in order to clear her name; in fact, Cha Aeng Ran succeeds in finding them. Ma Tae San's first wife Bok Dan Shim has been hiding them for 30 years, and Cha Aeng Ran finally gets her hands on them. What the papers actually contain is the last cliffhanger we're left with - that, and the fact that Ma Tae San has just realized what his wife's true intentions are.

6. A family is reunited.

LegendWitch 3Q 2 Not everything is going Cha Aeng Ran's way though, because Joo Ran reveals that Ma Do Jin's fiance actually has a child from a previous boyfriend. Regardless, she still tries to have Do Jin marry her. However, he refuses (and rightly so). In the end, he finally finds out that Seo Mi O (Ha Yeon Soo) had his son in the Women's Penitentiary. He drops everything and begs Mi O for a second chance. Mi O decides to give it to him when he shows his sincerity. LegendWitch 3Q 7 In the end, he's kicked out of the Ma family and left to struggle through the penniless, jobless life, but he has his wife - they get legally married! - and his son, so he's fairly happy.

7. A family is almost reunited.

LegendWitch 3Q 9 Another family is trying to be reunited: Nam Woo Seok is still looking for his mother. With Cha Aeng Ran's clues - and despite Ma Tae San's efforts to thwart off all potential hints - Nam Woo Seok finally finds out that his mother is none other than Shim Bok Nyeo. (Actually, it's Moon Soo In who figures it out first. Go her.) He's in a lot of shock and asks Soo In to keep it to themselves while he figures things out. LegendWitch 3Q 10 And just when Nam Woo Seok is getting suspicious of Ma Tae San and confronts him, Ma Tae San makes himself a better man with another lie. (It's okay. It's a matter of time before everyone finds out that Ma Tae San killed his dad and framed his mom for the ownership of the bakery in order to get filthy rich.) The next time I write for this drama, it'll be over, which I am very sad about. These nine episodes may have been slower than the previous ones, but they were still entertaining and delightful. However, I am ready. Bring on the climax. Bring on the revealed secrets, the revelations, the company overtakes, the confrontation, the family reunions, and the revenge. Bring on the drama. [tv]Watch The Legendary Witch on SoompiTV![/tv] For all “The Legendary Witch” recaps, click here.

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