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New Girl Group SUS4 Releases MV Teaser

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TK Entertainment is getting ready to debut their new girl group SUS4. SUS4 is a three member group including Sanha, Hena, and Jimin.

They have just released their first teaser which features the “SUS4 Intro” made by Crazy Sound’s Crazy Park and Peter Pan, the same people behind Crayon Pop’s sub-unit Strawberry Milk’s song “OK.” The music video was directed and produced by ZANYBROS who have a long list of amazing music videos they have created.

The teaser shows men entering a room and are completely enraptured by the television screen which features the three members. The girls are wearing different outfits including a schoolgirl look and some baseball gear. The men are surprised when the trio appear in front of them in real life.

Check out the funny teaser below!

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