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Noona Says: Someone Feed Jonghyun, Please

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Because the boy's face is GAUNT. [caption id="attachment_694077" align="alignnone" width="450"]jong3 He looks kind of sickly T_T[/caption] I know he said that he lost 5kgs (about 11lbs for Americans) because he was anxious about his solo debut, but he is winning awards and his album is doing really great now. It is time to eat and fill out that skeletal face. It's not good enough to see him in photos with food; that can be set up. In the picture, he could have easily taken one spoonful and then pushed it away. I want to see a progression of him emptying out a spread of delicious Korean food to give assurance that this dinosaur is eating healthy. [caption id="attachment_694065" align="alignnone" width="500"]jong2 Where is the picture of all this food going into your mouth?![/caption] Fun fact: One of my very first opinion pieces for Soompi was about Jonghyun and how he is needed in the perfect machinery that is SHINee. Speaking of SHINee, they're all looking a little bit on the thin side in their most recent group photo: [caption id="attachment_694067" align="alignnone" width="540"]jong4 Feed my babies[/caption] SHINee has never been a bulky group; it's hard to be when your concept for several years was "pastel skinny jeans." Onew has always been the sturdier type, with Minho and Jonghyun bringing in some lean muscle (Key and Taemin has been and will probably always be slender), but they all look like they haven't been eating well. Or is just me? Has SHINee been gone so long that I'm being more Noona paranoid than need be? Diet and (lack of) weight have been some of my least favorite aspects of the entertainment industry, or even Korean culture in general. Yes, being on camera makes you seem bigger than you are. Trust me, I know from experience (I had the misfortune of being in a video with a girl group, and compared to them I looked ginormous). So, it makes sense that celebrities put a lot of effort into being thin; they want to look good on camera. I remember going to the Seoul Drama Awards and being shocked at how thin and small celebrities looked in real life, including the men. It was alarming, really, they looked like skeletons. Handsome actors whom I always imagined as tough men, looked feminine and light. Actresses and female singers looked nothing more than beautiful dresses on skin and bones. What was even more alarming was going through their photos afterwards. They looked fine, beautiful as they always have, and not at all dangerously skinny as I perceived them to be in the real life. After that, I get concerned when I see photos or videos of celebrities looking very skinny. If they looked that skinny on camera, I did not want to see them in real life. I'm not going to rage against how thin Korean celebrities are, it would be pointless. If they want to, need to, work hard to be thin to look better so that they can sell better, it makes sense to me. I don't like it, but I've accepted it. Be skinny, or not. What concerns me, is what they do to be skinny. Big or small, I want people to be healthy. I want Jonghyun to be healthy. When I see how sharp his cheekbones are and the way his eyes have sunken in (but it could be the makeup, I'm having a hard time telling to be honest. He is wearing so much makeup for his solo promotions.) and read about how he lost weight because of stress, I worry that he's not eating enough. When I see female celebrities post pictures of their cup of fruit and vegetables, I hope they're also getting some protein and carbs. When news comes up about so-and-so celebrity losing such-and-such amount of weight, I just hope they did it through a practical and safe manner. [On Twitter, a person asked me if many celebrities have nutritionists. I believe that there are many agencies that have some sort of nutritionist that advises on what to eat, and I've seen some celebrities comment about how they were put on a specific diet. Then again, I've also heard about celebrities eating nothing but instant ramen, so that's not the case for all.] This all reminds me of an interview I did with a celebrity personal trainer almost two years ago. He gave valuable insight on what it takes to be fit and healthy.  For Jonghyun, my singing dinosaur, I hope my concerned noona vibes reach him and gently guide him to eating well and resting enough, because we all know he's getting enough exercise with those dance moves. Hopefully those music show awards and his success on the charts has increased his appetite and we will see him looking healthier soon. [caption id="attachment_694075" align="alignnone" width="540"]He looks so cute and soft here He looks so cute and soft here[/caption] CallMeN00NA is a Soompi Editor who said she would answer Twitter questions here but wanted to talk about this instead. She'll get back to you directly on Twitter instead. Sorry!  *The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author.

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