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Yeo Jin Goo Gets Love Calls from Noona Actresses All the Time, Including Park Bo Young

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Actor Yeo Jin Goo shared about the many love calls he gets from noona (older female) actors to shoot a mellow movie together. On the January 22 airing of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3,” he made a guest appearance along with GOT7’s Jackson, actor Yoo Oh Sung, and announcer Jo Woo Jong, among others. MC Park Mi Sun brought up Yeo Jin Goo’s popularity with noona actresses, “There are a lot of times when noona actresses ask Yeo Jin Goo to do a mellow movie together.” The young actor replied humbly, “It’s because I [look old for my age]...” Notably, actress Park Bo Young revealed at the “35th Blue Dragon Awards” last year that she had said several times that she wants to film a mellow movie with Yeo Jin Goo. When asked whether he considers himself to look old for his age, the seventeen-year-old Yeo Jin Goo replied, “So far, I think I look old for my age. At least now, a lot of [the noonas] know my age, but in the past a lot of them took me for an adult.” happy together 3

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