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After School’s Lizzy Speaks Out about Jooyeon’s Departure

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After School and Orange Caramel star Lizzy has spoken out about the departure of former groupmate Jooyeon, who announced she would be graduating from the girl group at the end of last year. Lizzy, who is currently preparing to release her first debut track “Not an Easy Girl,” spoke about the subject to media outlet OSEN. She explained, "I like Jooyeon a lot, and I am very close to her. During out last performance in Japan, I stayed in the same room as her, and we had a lot of fun together.” The Orange Caramel star added, “Jooyeon can comes across as being quite picky or difficult, but she can actually clowns around quite a lot, too. She is full of charms, but sometimes I feel it is a pity that I am the only one who sees that side of her.” Lizzy also added, “I hope that we can still stay in touch with one another and support each other in the future. She has always been so nice to me. I never imagined that she might one day leave the group. It feels so strange now that she has gone.” Meanwhile, Lizzy will perform on the January 22 edition of Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” and “Not an Easy Girl” will be released on January 23.

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