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“Hyde Jekyll, Me” Writer Accuses “Kill Me, Heal Me” of Plagiarizing His Ideas

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The writer of the web-based comic (webtoon) that SBS’s drama “Hyde Jekyll, Me” is based on has accused the makers of rival MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” of copying his ideas. Both dramas feature main characters who have multiple personalities. “Hyde Jekyll, Me” tells the tale of a woman who falls in love with what she thinks are two very different men without realizing that they are actually two identities of the same person. “Kill Me, Heal Me,” meanwhile, is a story about a female doctor who falls in love with her patient – a man with multiple personality disorder. The webtoon writer, Lee Choong Ho, posted on his Twitter account, saying, "The first romantic comedy about romance between a woman and a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder was ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me.’ This other drama has just stolen my idea.” Speaking to media outlet OSEN, an SBS representative said that the producers were not aware of Lee Choong Ho’s post, explaining, "The producers of ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ had not heard about this social media post before. We are surprised by this situation.” Meanwhile, a spokesperson for “Kill Me, Heal Me” told eDaily Star, "We started planning our drama in January 2014, but we only heard that ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ would become a drama in fall last year, and that was when we found out about the existence of the original webtoon. When we planned this drama, we expected that other similar dramas focusing on Multiple Personality Disorder could appear. That is why we released information about our storyline relatively early." Sources (1)(2) See also: From "Hyde Jekyll, Me" to "Cheese in the Trap": Webtoon Inspired K-Dramas

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