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Hyun Bin Thinks Han Ji Min Is the Prettiest Actress


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Hyun Bin praised Han Ji Min’s beauty, calling her the prettiest actress. The two stars of “Hyde Jekyll, Me” were interviewed on an entertainment news program. On the show, Hyun Bin was asked about a comment he made in the past, that “Han Ji Min is the prettiest among all actresses.” He replied, “I did say that. It’s still true.” The interviewer then asked Hyun Bin about other actresses he worked with in previous projects, saying “Is Han Ji Min prettier than Tang Wei, Ha Ji Won, and Kim Sun Ah?” Hyun Bin laughed as he answered, “Were the questions [on this show] always this tricky?” Hyun Bin returned to dramas with “Hyde Jekyll, Me.” About the role, he shared, “I didn’t choose the role because he was a chaebol heir. I was very interested in a story where one person has two personalities and a woman who loves two personalities.” The two actors also starred in the film “The Fatal Encounter.” The film contained a scene showing off Hyun Bin’s back muscles, which became a hot topic. He stated, “I asked [the ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ staff] what kind of body they wanted for this role. They said they didn’t want the muscles that were shown in ‘The Fatal Encounter,’ so I gained some weight.” [tv]Watch Hyde, Jekyll, Me right here on Soompi TV![/tv] hyun bin han ji min

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