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Highlights: "We Got Married" Ep. 255 - Top 3 Moments

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Get ready for an exciting "We Got Married" highlights with bubblybribri! There was a lot of celebrating for our couples this weekend, whether it was for their 100, 200, or 300 day anniversaries. Celebration means lots of events and lots of events lead to major squeals. There were so many cute and adorable moments in this week's episode, but here are my TOP 3 moments!

1) Cheek Kiss

Our beautiful JJongah couple is probably the couple that shares the least amount of skinship. I think that Yura is a lot more expressive and wants there to be more skinship, but Hong Jong Hyun is kind of slow to action in this area. In this weekend's episode, Jong Hyun prepared a special event for Yura, who was getting ready for the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards. He surprised her with hot chocolate at her hair salon and gave her churros in the car. jy1jy2jy3jy4jy5 I think Yura really wanted to get further in their skinship because she kept asking him to kiss her on the cheek. She is pretty bold and aggressive. Yura felt that if she wasn't upfront about the whole skinship thing, they would never get to that level, so she just took the initiative to make the first move. So after a lot of persuading, Hong Jong Hyun finally kissed Yura on the cheek. Yura wanted to use one of the "Jong Hyun Vouchers" and she said she wanted him to kiss her on the cheek. She said that he had to do it when they stopped at a red light. Jong Hyun said he doesn't feel comfortable doing PDA (personal display of affection) in front of so many cameras, but that he felt a little more comfortable in the car with her. jy6jy7jy8jy9jy10jy11 Congrats to the couple on their first kiss on the cheek! It sounds so funny saying that, but even Yura said they overcame a big mountain with this. Jong Hyun said that he got the courage because Yura brought it up first and that their timing might have been off. Yura was extremely happy about the whole situation. [caption id="attachment_692885" align="aligncenter" width="900"]jy12 WOOP THERE IT IS![/caption] jy13 I really like this couple, but I wish that it wasn't so forced. With the other couples, the skinship happens really naturally and casually, but I feel like because Yura kept pressuring him to do it, it just wasn't as sweet as it could have been. Yura was excited and happy, but it seemed like Jong Hyun wanted it to happen differently at a different time. I understand that she wanted to move on in their relationship and such, but I was just like, "Can you please stop asking?" because as a viewer, I felt awkward at times watching her ask him to kiss her. Jong Hyun was sweet enough to give in to her. I guess she just wanted him to feel more comfortable with her. All in all, I am happy for them and the moment itself was sweet.

2) Jin Young's Special Event

mj1mj2 I have to say, I almost teared up watching this couple today. Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young were still spending time in Macao. After some other activities, they went to a famous egg tart store and ate them in this little area with a fountain. I don't know why but I love seeing couples spend time with each other with their bicycles.mj3 [caption id="attachment_692909" align="aligncenter" width="900"]mj4 So speechless that both male MCs put their heads down.[/caption] Then all of a sudden Min asked Jin Young about the music playing outside and he started humming along to the song, "Officially Missing You." Jin Young looked confused, but surely this was an act (which I didn't realize until later). Jin Young revealed in her interview that their 300 days anniversary was coming up and she wondered what she could do for him. She wanted to sing and record a song that he liked. She thought it would be a meaningful gift to prepare a personal CD for him. Turns out, she was planning this from way before so that she would have time to prepare and learn his favorite songs and record them. She said she recorded three of his favorite songs and two other songs she wanted him to hear. She asked the cafe to wait and play it for them. Jin Youg kept trying to make signals and comments about the music or the singer, but Min was so oblivious to the whole situation. mj5mj6mj7 Then after the song ended, a Korean song came on and Min was so surprised that they would play a Korean song. He stood there and finally he started smiling, realizing it was his wife's voice. BINGO! She gave him his personal CD, which was packaged like a real album and dedicated to Min. His thoughtful wife even prepared a portable CD player, so that he could listen to her recorded letter. The letter was really sweet and this was the part where I almost teared up because it made me realize how thankful Jin Young was for Min. Although Jin Young might have been a little embarrassed watching him listen to the letter, Min was really touched by her event. He said this was the most touching moment and heartfelt moment out of all the moments they shared. This definitely became my top moment for this couple.mj8mj8.5mj9mj10mj11mj12mj13

3) Jae Rim's Kisses

js1js2js3 I am so biased with this couple because I love them so much and they make me squeal each week like a die hard fan girl. I always enjoy their segments. There were still on their honeymoon in Turkey and they shared some special moments, as usual. They were enjoying their hot air balloon ride and watching the sunrise, while holding onto each other and resting on each other. As Song Jae Rim held Kim So Eun from behind, he kept putting his mouth next to her head and finally he kissed her on her head! Major feels and squeals! It was just so natural and sweet. Throughout the whole ride, he kept going close to her head and leaning in to her face. I wished he had just gone in for the kiss. Although it was such a small peck on the head, it's the little moments like these that are so much sweeter and more heartfelt with this couple. After he did the first kiss, he was not afraid to constantly lean into her head for a slight peck. When the hot air balloon landed, it had a hard landing and So Eun almost fell forward, but Jae Rim jumped at the chance to hold his wife. It almost looked like he grabbed her too late, but he still held onto her tightly (like a back hug). This made all the ladies in the studio swoon because it made him seem so manly and protective of his wife. This head kiss was my top moment of this weekend's episode. js5js6js7js8js9js10heokyunghwan MC Heo Kyung Hwan mentioned in the studio that women need to shampoo the sides of their heads well because men will kiss you right there. How funny! They went to a place to make pottery together, which turned out to not be romantic at all, like So Eun expected. But to be honest, as I was watching them place their hands over each others' while making the pottery, it reminded me of the drama, "Boys Over Flowers" and Yi Jung and Ga Eul, which were characters played by Kim Beom and Kim So Eun. It reminded me of this drama because Kim Beom's character was a potter and he had a love line with So Eun. Did anyone else think of this? js11js12js13js14 For those of you who remember this couple's past, there was a time when Jae Rim made 100 origami roses for his old girlfriend. So Eun brought this past event up and said she wanted something different, so Jae Rim said he would fold the roses out of money. For their 100 day anniversary, he put the origami money roses and a bracelet he prepared in a pottery jar and had her crack it open. He got couple bracelets that had their birthday months and something that symbolized "faith and trust." They ended the night, reviewing their year, with a beautiful view of the city and the sunset in Cappadocia, Turkey. js15js16 If you watched this week's episode, comment below and tell me what your top moment was! bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who hopes to find a guy like Song Jae Rim, who will fold origami roses out of money and ride hot air balloons with her. You can follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything about the Sorim couple or Korean entertainment! [tv]You can see all of the beautiful skinship on the latest episode of  We Got Married on SoompiTV![/tv]

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