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Yeo Jin Goo Talks about Smoking and Wearing a Wig for His Role in Movie "Shoot My Heart" during Press Conference

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A press conference was held for the upcoming movie “Shoot My Heart” at Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, in Lotte Cinema. At the conference, Yeo Jin Goo shared his experiences while acting as his character Soo Myung. He was also complimented by sunbae actors who worked with him in the movie. When asked about his character and how he acted for the role, he answered, “I was worried that my hair would be fake-looking since I had to wear a wig. But on screen I looked fine. I’m glad that it looked naturally grown.” Yeo Jin Goo was also required to smoke for some scenes in the movie, as his character is a heavy smoker. He commented, “For the smoking scenes, I used nicorette. I had to look very natural doing it since Soo Myung is a smoker, and wondered whether I was capable of smoking naturally. But I don’t think [the director] thought I looked natural because a lot of the scenes [were edited out] in the actual movie.” Yeo Jin Goo2 Then a sunbae actor named Park Choong Sun shared that he felt bad for Yeo Jin Goo who had to be on a strict diet for his role. “I know he’s a teenager who’d have constant cravings for food, but he only ate vegetables. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he ate tomatoes, cucumber, and other greens.” Because Yeo Jin Goo is around the same age as his son, he shared that he teared up watching Yeo Jin Goo so dedicated for his role. “I was amazed at how disciplined and focused he was during the shooting. He’s a young actor, but there’s a lot to learn from him.” Yu Oh Seong, another sunbae actor, also complimented him saying, “He’s not even in his 20’s but he’s already an expert in the field. I look forward to his future as an actor.” Yeo In Goo also mentioned his co-star Lee Min Ki, who is currently serving time in the military, by saying, “I really miss Lee Min Ki. I wonder how he’s doing,” and added, “Lee Min Ki and I had a good chemistry. We depended on each other and joked around a lot behind the scene.” Shoot My Heart The movie “Shoot My Heart” will be released on January 28.

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